Sloane Kady's an inked-up, pop-surrealist painter and wielder of comedy & curse words, who deals exclusively in honesty. She's also a horror lover/blogger and a best-best selling author. Most importantly, she's a mama (her favorite job), a wife (her other favorite job), and all-around wild woman who likes to be in bed by ten. She's got sharp edges, but her heart is big enough to warm your spirits, even if it is full of inappropriate jokes. 

Sloane's been dabbling in art since she was old enough to hold a crayon, but she became more serious about her work in the early 2000s, when she was picked up by an art manager, and her then abstract paintings were featured in several gallery showings. 

Sloane has since discovered herself, as both a woman and an artist. Where she used to create bland, timid pieces, she now creates with reckless abandon and unbridled joy and bravery.

Here you'll find her paintings, including her Expression series — an exploration into the mysticism of womanhood. The expression series, which was picked up by a wholesale distributor, is a celebration of the woman she's become and the even wiser woman she hopes to be. Sloane is currently working on a new series called Mujeres Fuertes — a playful yet deeply striking portrayal of feminine beauty and strength in the face of pain, aging, and opposition in all its ugly forms. 

 The stunning imagery that pours from Kady is a product of an artist who colors way outside the lines, scoffing at conventional wisdom and societal norms. You can tell by the vibrancy of her work and the power of her words that she loves what she does, even if you don't. 

"Because art without poison is too sweet, and women without grit shatter too easily."

— Sloane Kady


“The world doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” 

Pablo Picasso